If there’s more than one way to grow your Accounting business, you’d want to choose the easiest path, right?  


Michael ' MC' Carter

MC Carter Founder & CEO Practice Paradox

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“I learned the key steps and now have direction to market and grow my business.” Antoinette Palmer — Embrace Accountants

Antoinette on value of PARADOX Marketing Masterclass

Why do some Accountants seem to grow their business more easily than others? Why do some firms seem to attract more attention and better quality clients, while the majority float in a sea of sameness?  

In this live web event, MC Carter will share with you his insights and unique models for growing and evolving your firm to the next level.  

You’ll learn... 

  • 3 things that separate the remarkable from the mediocre 
  • What progressive Accountants do differently with marketing 
  • The 5 Flows Model — What modern best practice now looks like 
  • The 3 steps to becoming an ‘Easy Growth’ Accounting Firm 
  • The most common growth mistakes Accountants make 
  • The ONE THING in marketing you should never outsource 
  • 7 things you should DEFINITELY outsource with your marketing  
  • Why 9-out-of-10 in-house Marketing Coordinators fail 
  • The 3 worst sources of marketing advice for Accountants 
  • How that ‘cookie cutter’ templated website hurts your business 
  • Leads that are better quality than referrals? What the…? 
  • A clear, simple and affordable next step for your firm’s marketing  

This live web event begins on...


Wednesday, April 17

Matt Sharwood

“PARADOX are transforming our business and MC is one of the smartest people I know.” Matt Sharwood — Advise Accountants

Also, this is a live online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE. We start in...


Why attend LIVE...

There will not be a recording made available after the live event. SPECIAL OFFER FOR LIVE ATTENDEES: An exciting, risk-free next step will be made available to you, when you attend live. Allow up to 90 minutes for this session: It will be a challenging and eye-opening 60 minute presentation followed by up to 30 minutes of live Q&A where MC will answer any questions you want to throw at him about your firm’s growth and evolution. 

Who should attend

  • Principals of progressive Accounting and Advisory firms 
  • Anyone starting their own Accounting or Advisory business 
  • Firms who are not yet PARADOX members — this session is not intended for PARADOX members
  • Accountants who either want to: 
  • Grow their business and/or 
  • Evolve their business to the next level 

Your presenter

MC Carter is the acknowledged pioneer in digital marketing for Accountants. Dubbed the Father of Modern Marketing for Accountants, the PARADOX Founder & CEO’s unique blend of skills and extensive Accounting industry experience across marketing, innovation and technology, combined with his energetic yet down-to-earth presentation style means you’ll be fully engaged by this session.  

“PARADOX are full of practical substance, not hot air.” Ben Walker — Inspire CA